The most important task of Tihub is to sort and categorize postal items. An operation that is one of the most complex bottlenecks of courier service companies and its correct and accurate performance can play an important role in productivity and increasing the quality of services provided to customers. With the launch of T-Hub as the only mechanized hub in the country, a large number of parcels are being sent all over the country daily. Using the latest technology in the world has made the speed and quality of giving services place this company in a prior position compared with all its rivals in the region.

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  • Quality
  • Trust
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With the setting up of modern and up-to-date sorting machines in the world, Tihub has completely mechanized the sorting process of parcels. Thus, along with the use of technology and the common methods of credible companies in the world, it has increased speed, precision, and productivity drastically.
The technology used in Tihub is of the latest kind in the world which is rare and uncommon in the country and the Middle East.



The use of fully automatic mechanisms and the use of their advantages over traditional methods require many prerequisites that have been defined and used in the background of the company's operations.
This company, with the use of integrated software, guarantees optimal communication between customer requests, the correct conduct of operations, and the ideal performance of mechanized sorting machines.



Square Meter Area


Parcel per Day


Number of Carriers


Number of Destinations


Covered Cities


Standard Pakages

Packaging with conventional geometric shape
Minimum dimensions (cm): 10x10x10
Maximum dimensions (cm): 90x70x60
Minimum and maximum weight (kg): 1-25



None Standard Pakages

Parcels with no regular geometric shape
More than 25 kg weight
More than 90 cm length
 (even on the only one dimension)




These parcels contain documents,
private and confidential correspondence
 that are exchanged between natural and
legal persons. These types of shipments
are accepted and sent in rectangular and
sealed envelopes.The maximum weight
of an envelope is 1 kg.



News & Events

World post day event

World post day event

On the occasion of World Post Day, in order to make today's generation more familiar with this industry, Tihub Company had the honor of hosting the children of the staff of the companies of Holding_Fakhr Holding. The event included children's games and tutorials to learn about the role and tasks of courier services.

Setting up the most modern postal hub of the Middle East in Tihub

Setting up the most modern postal hub of the Middle East in Tihub

Afraz Payaneh Fakher Iranian with Tihub brand has become a model for separating and categorizing the country's postal products these days. With the setting up of modern and advanced German machine, the company has fully mechanized the process of sorting parcels with standard weight and volume, and also with taking advantage of this machine increased speed, quality and productivity.

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